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Linktagger Connect Physcial Objects & Spaces to Online Information & Services.


We provide iBeacon and NFC hardware for developers, makers and enterprise.


We provide iBeacon and NFC management apps, SDK's, and a full cloud management platform.


We help you define your needs and requirements, then help you deliver your projects.

What are Beacons and NFC Tags?

Linktagger Beacons are tiny coin battery size devices that emit radio signals, these signals can be picked up by smart phones which make your apps location and contextually aware to your surroundings.

NFC Tags (Near Field Communications) are paper thin microchips that can be used with smart phones in close proximity such as a tap or a wave, your smart phone will then carry out the action that was embedded in the NFC Tag.

What can I do with Beacon and NFC?

Make your products and services smarter!

NFC (Near Field Communications) can be used in many environments to connect people and devices to information.

Provide real-time information to your community through NFC engagement points; instant bus route information, city maps, construction and roadwork information. Reduce paperwork with digital product sheets and instruction manuals. Gather useful feedback on new products, initiatives and projects. Create bread crumbs for consumers to follow in your retail store, theme park or museum.

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Beacon technology makes apps and devices contextually and location aware, allowing mobile apps to deliver relevant content.

Also known as iBeacon and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), Beacons are the next frontier in proximity communications. Add Beacon to your apps to provide user and system triggers on entry or exit events within specified zones. Automate your home or workplace. Enhance and personalise the experience for your shoppers in your retail environment by providing relevant product offers and information.

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Deployment and Management.

Take advantage of our software to rapidly deploy and manage NFC and Beacon technology on the physical web. We have an enterprise ready cloud management platform, Smart Phone apps and SDK.

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Beacon Developer Kit

Get started with our Linktagger Beacon Developer Kit. Automate the world around you with our demo app and cloud platform, or add our SDK to your own.

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  • 3 x Linktagger Beacons
  • Certified Apple iBeacon and Android 4.3 compatible
  • Nordic Chipset
  • Configurable range up to 90M
  • CE/FCC/EPL Approved
  • BLE, temperature & location sensors
  • Full SDK and Cloud Management platform
  • Apple & Android configuration & demo apps

NFC Developer Kit

Choose our Linktagger NFC Developer Kit to try out a mixture of stickers and industrial NFC tags, all managed from our cloud platform.

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  • 5 x Linktagger Branded NFC Stickers
  • 2 x Laundry Tags
  • 2 x Industrial Tags
  • 1 x Wristband
  • 1 x Access Card
  • 1 x Keyring Tag

Cloud Platform

Connect and Manage everything around you!

Versatile and feature rich, manage all your Beacons, NFC and QR from the cloud.

Linktaggers Cloud platform provides full real-time management of your Beacons, NFC and QR Codes. Change where an NFC tag sends a visitor, or the message displayed to a loyalty card owner as they enter your store. Deploy NFC and iBeacon easily and quickly.

use the Linktagger Cloud platform for:

    NFC Management
    iBeacon Management
    QR Code Management
    Short URL Management

Know whats working in real-time, change what isn't.

Our reporting features will show you how many QR scans, NFC taps and interactions by device, group, GEO location, day, month or year. Extend our platform using our one click Google Analytics integration by account or individual link.

Deploy and manage your NFC and QR quickly and easily!

Manage your NFC and QR tags from anywhere via our online management platform. Swap your tags at the touch of a button in real-time. Group them for superior campaign management, secure them by making them private. Re-point, disable and add features.

Predefined Actions

We've already created many different actions for your tags including URL Re-direct, Facebook Like, Hosted File Upload, Youtube Video Link, Hosted Embedded Images and HTML Mini Site Creator.

Secure Deployment

Our unique Secure Linktag feature provides the ability to lock down your NFC and QR at a user level with a few clicks.

Integrate Beacons in to your apps and user experiences with ease, no specialist knowledge needed!

Our beacon management feature make it simple and fast to deploy beacons in to any environment. We accept all beacon vendors, and being a beacon vendor ourselves, we know whats needed.

Amazingly Simple Use

Drop our SDK in to your app, and choose what happens when a user enters or leaves the vicinity of your beacons and at what distance. From launching an app, displaying a message, or reporting real-time data. Our platform comes with enterprise ready API's to simplify your development.

SDK and Demo App

We provide a demo app to manage our Beacons to demonstrate automation features across many environments.

Dedicated support site with Tutorials.

We have a fully dedicated support site with frequently asked questions and detailed tutorials on how to deploy and manage NFC, QR and Beacon technology. This includes step by step guides on how to programme NFC tags, and more.

A Growing Community!

Our community of users is growing along with the rest of the Internet of Things. We hope to be the leader in this great new endeavour, to bring physical real-world and online interaction in to our everyday lives, and want you to be a part of it.

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Linktagger Cloud Platform

Sign up to a business Linktagger account to manage all your QR, NFC and iBeacons in one place .



  • Manage 500 Beacons
  • Manage 500 Unique Links(QR and/or NFC tags)
  • 5 Groups
  • Unlimited User Interactions
  • Full Reporting
  • -
  • -



  • Manage Unlimited Beacons
  • Manage Unlimited Links(QR and/or NFC tags)
  • 50 Groups
  • Unlimited User Interactions
  • Full Reporting
  • -
  • -



  • Unlimited Beacons
  • Unlimited Links(QR and/or NFC)
  • Unlimited Groups
  • Unlimited User Interactions
  • Full Reporting
  • Bespoke API's
  • IL3 Accredited

Looking for more? — Tell us what you need. We can provide bespoke solutions for any environment, we love a challenge! Contact us

What our users are saying

Find out why our users keep using Linktagger

We first started using Linktagger to place QR Codes on our in-store vitamin products and Tea's to provide more information to customers. We then used Linktagger's SmartPoster concept to provide Virtual Stores using traditional ad media in train stations across the UK. This allowed us to access a whole new audience, and place our popular online products in physical locations at minimal cost.

Gavin EdleyManaging Director @ Vitalife Health

As a team wear supplier we deal with a single rep from each sports club, this made selling our extra kit to the indiviual Zeon Community challenging. Linktagger placed NFC on our packaging linking our end users directly back to our website and our other offers.

ReubenProduct Development @ Zeon Sports

We needed to embed NFC and QR in to the fabric of the city when launching our discounts, way-finding and rewards app. Linktagger helped us get off the ground quickly and easily, with the help of their developers and technology.

Ash HillFounder & CEO @ HelloCity

We used Linktagger and their platform to manage a smart poster campaign for a client, utilising NFC and QR. It was a tight deadline, and Linktagger delivered!

Danny HughesCreative Lead @ Media Agency Group

Got Questions?

We've listed the most common questions below, if there is anything we've missed, check out our Support site.

No, Our Developer Kits gives you free access to our Cloud platform for your purchased beacons and NFC at no cost. You can also just use our hardware with your own existing solution.

Yes, we deliver all over the world. Your delivery charge will be shown when you check out.

No, you are free to use any beacons or NFC with our cloud management platform.

Most modern Android devices support NFC and most modern Windows Phones. Apple devices starting with iPhone 6 support NFC payments. We expect NFC to be released to developers sometime in 2015.

Most Apple devices IOS 7 and onwards support iBeacon which is Apples name for BLE. Android devices from 4.3 onwards support Beacon technology.

iBeacon is simply Apples name for its Low Powered Bluetooth technology standards built on Bluetooth Smart. New standards are being published often such as Bluetooth Smart and URIBeacon.

Download our Beacon Management & Demo Apps

Automate the world around you. Connected Everything!

Play with your Beacons

Download our Beacon management apps to manage your Beacons, add Beacons and control how your smartphone reacts when entering or leaving a room or area!

Add and Program Beacons

Add Beacons to your smartphone, pair, manage and test.

Automate your world

Choose how your smartphone will respond on entry or exit and at what distance.

Link to other apps and appliances

Launch your own custom apps to integrate with appliances in your home such as TV's and Stereo's.

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