Linktagger for eCommerce

Let your customers shop smarter with our NFC, QR and iBeacon solutions.

Lets browse & buy smarter!

Compete on the high street, connect with your customers!

Let customers find you offline...anywhere!

Gain access to new customers and take your online store to the streets with our Smart Posters. Using traditional ad media such as billboards, we create unique interactive and highly targeted shopping experiences to bring your products to a whole new market, the high street shopper. Shoppers simply tap the Smart Poster with their smartphones to start browsing your online store.

Place your ads in location specific places such as train stations and bus stops, or perhaps strategically placed in a complimentary area of the high street.

With our Smart Posters don't spray and pray, we provide full ROI on all ads so you know exactly whats working and what isn't. Add this to Google re-marketing and you have a whole new sales channel just as measurable as your online channels.

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Talk to your customer post sale, up-sell, cross-sell, grow your community!

Once our customers have made their online purchase, how can we keep in touch and make them aware of all the great things we have to offer them, from new products to value added services such as member forums and more in-depth product information. At Linktagger we've worked with a number of eCommerce businesses to make their products smarter with embedded NFC and QR Codes for labels. Customers can tap or scan your products with their smartphones to interact in real-time to re-order, browse your ranges, arrange item exchanges or find out more information.

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Grow your customer base with social recommendations!

Social sharing is now a huge part of our lives, and a sales channel in its own right. With reports showing customers are 89% more likely to purchase a product socially endorsed by a friend there has never been a better time to communicate with this new marketplace. Use our SocialTags to encourage your customers to publicly endorse your products via Social Media with pre-defined offers and information.

A recent customer saw a social exposure of over 2.5 Million views from just 2000 social messages posted from customers.

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Deployment and Management.

Once your tags are in place, managing them couldn't be simpler. Each tag is pre-programmed in to the Linktagger dashboard. Change and swap your content in real-time. Measure your local and social impact in our reporting suite, see whats working, and change what isn't.

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