Linktagger for Fitness

Make your gym smarter with our NFC, QR and iBeacon solutions.

Lets workout smarter!

Accelerate membership retention and take-up while increasing brand awareness!

Increase membership retention with interactive digital workout guides.

The number one problem reported by gyms today is membership renewal and retention. This is surprising given the huge surge in the fitness industry. The issue as reported by budding fitness enthusiasts is lack of knowledge and confidence around gym equipment. Our GymTags are unique stickers that are placed at workout stations, each sticker takes the member to a digital workout guide, video or article with a tap of their mobile smartphone.

Use existing online content, or use your own in-house content to provide a seamless experience.

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Increase membership take-up with social endorsements from your members via our Social Check-In Tags

We like to share our experiences with our friends, especially when it comes to fitness! With over 1.3 Billion active monthly users, facebook has become the number one place for social recommendation, and people are 89% more likely to respond to a service endorsed by a friend.

With a simple tap, our Social Check-In Tags allow your members to physically login to your Gym using Facebook and share your latest news with their friends each time they come to work out. With the average Facebook user having over 200 friends, that's a lot of eyeballs!

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Deployment and Management.

Once your tags are in place, managing them couldn't be simpler. Each tag is pre-programmed in to the Linktagger dashboard. Change and swap your content in real-time. Measure your local and social impact in our reporting suite, see whats working, and change what isn't.

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