Linktagger for Leisure & Events

Make your experiences smarter with our NFC, QR and iBeacon solutions.

Lets play smarter!

Engage, sell, serve and connect smarter while building and connecting with your community!

Engage with your audience, sell more merchandise, and provide outstanding service!

Putting on a pop concert, show or corporate event. Engage with your audience in real-time via their smartphones and offer exclusive merchandise offers, interactive event guides, social sharing and more with our EventTags.

Using our NFC solutions such as interactive wrist bands, or our iBeacon solutions to communicate directly with guests, you can make your event truly memorable. Add in our Google Analytics and re-marketing integration and you can continue to build and communicate with your community even after your event.

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Create unique experiences with interactive exhibits and attractions!

Theme parks and public attractions attract a large number of people, making the experience personal and interactive can be a challenge. With our NFC and iBeacon technology we help you create a truly unique and magical experience for your visitors. Engage young and old minds alike with interactive exhibits. Visitors can tap an info point or simply walk past the exhibit to receive more information, perhaps an augmented reality experience for kids, or an audio file for the visually impaired.

With a simple tap of a smartphone, our Social Check-In Tags allow your visitors to physically login to your location on Facebook and share your latest news with their friends. With the average Facebook user having over 200 friends, that's a lot of eyeballs!

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Deployment and Management.

Once your tags are in place, managing them couldn't be simpler. Each tag is pre-programmed in to the Linktagger dashboard. Change and swap your content in real-time. Measure your local and social impact in our reporting suite, see whats working, and change what isn't.

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