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Connect Everything!
We're passionate about connection and interaction. We believe that accessing and sharing information should be intuitive, easy and reliable. We use innovative mobile technology and software to help build the physical web.

About Linktagger

Founded in 2013, Linktagger are a smart technology company building solutions for the physical web. Our primary product is our Linktagger cloud platform that connects physical objects in the real world to online information and virtual services, we do this through physical devices such as NFC and iBeacon. We are a privately held company based in South Yorkshire in the UK.

Our Vision

We envisgae a world where everything is connected, not just to the word wide web, but that objects themselves become a real world web where we can interact with any object in simple and intuitive ways. Right now that way is through NFC and Beacon technology, we see a time when no app or mobile device is needed and we can simply look or point to an object to interact. We believe there will be multiple layers to this physical web, an interaction layer that responds to our intention, and an automated layer that simply responds to our presence, needs and wants. We try to build this vision in current day technologies whilst pursuing the frontier our grand vision.


Liam Winder
Liam’s background is in communications technology, having worked his way up in BT after leaving the UK Armed Forces at 18 to care for his sick father. Needing to find another career he began working in sales within the communications industry, going on to work in multiple tech startups from inception to acquisition. He founded his own ISP (Internet Service Provider) RiPWiRE in 2009 after the global financial collapse left him jobless, this effort saw him win Entrepreneur of the year in 2010 and multiple tech awards for building the UK’s fastest ISP of that year. Selling up in 2012, he then founded Linktagger, recognising new emerging interaction technologies were being adopted by smartphone providers at a very fast pace, he wanted to build a platform that would be ready for these technologies as they were adopted across all industries as standard mobile interaction mediums to ensure they were simple to deploy, intuitive and reliable to use.

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