Linktagger for Retail

Let your Retail customers shop smarter with our NFC and iBeacon solutions.

Lets shop smarter!

Get to know your customers better, deliver highly targeted product recommendations and offers via mobile, all while adding true value!

Don't lose that customer!

As shoppers it's frustrating when we can't find the item we want, wrong colour, wrong size, not enough information to feel confident to make a purchase. With Linktagger's RetailTag's your customers can buy online in-store with a tap of their smartphone. Use RetailTag's to link to your on-line eCommerce store or product information.

Go further and integrate social apps to increase social exposure. Ask us about our social apps.

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Increase retention, up-sell and cross-sell all while adding value and benefit to your customers!

Leverage your customer data with iBeacon to provide better, focused, individualised services to your customers. Follow your customers real-time journey through your store and provide a seamless omni channel experience. Deliver personalised and highly relevant product recommendations, offers and information via mobile.

iBeacon brings many possibilities to retail, from self service and check-out, to personalised digital shopping assistants. Plus a whole lot more!

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Deployment and Management.

Once your tags and iBeacons are in place, managing them couldn't be simpler. Each tag is pre-programmed in to the Linktagger dashboard. Change and swap your content in real-time. Measure your local and social impact in our reporting suite, see whats working, and change what isn't. Our iBeacon solutions can be integrated in to your existing CRM and CMS systems, and with our SDK its a case of copy and paste to make your retail app iBeacon aware.

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